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▼ Taro Watanabe [ OC ]
Birthday: May 29
Astrology Sign: Gemini
Soul Arcana: The Sun
Unlucky Arcana: Wheel of Fortune , Justice, The Moon & The Hanged Man
String Color: [#9BFF69]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Happy go lucky and always ready to have fun, Taro is a tanuki from a messed up world. He hides his sadness, because tanukis are supposed to be happy! And yet, if you need a caring friend, Taro is there for you.

▼ Visual
▶ [ Adorable human disguise!]
▶ [Actual form!]

▼ Profile
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May. 12th, 2013 07:32 am
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Hey, this is Taro! I can't pick up right now, so leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, okay? Bye!



May. 12th, 2013 07:32 am
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Words go here.
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So, Taro is a tanuki - which means he has powers that let him create illusions and disguises. (More info in his app here.)

This requires a little bit of information from you, my fellow players!

In addition, Taro's not the biggest on pop culture, but he's from 2010, tends to hang around with people who are high school and college age, and occasionally sees movies (less so in the past few decades but still enough to have a vague knowledge of what's going on in pop culture).

Name [OU/AU#] | Journal:
Can Taro use illusions on your character at all?: If you don't want him to, we can avoid that!
Can your character see through illusions?: Either through a spell/special ability or simply enough practice with seeing illusions that they're used to it.
Are there any kinds of illusions you'd like him to avoid?: Either for your comfort or your muse's - if you're afraid of spiders, for example, I'll try to avoid him using an illusion involving those.
Can Taro take on your character's appearance?: Obviously I'll plot this out with you ahead of time, but Taro's pretty good at making himself look like other people with his illusions. Tell me here if you want these shenanigans!
If so, does your character have any physical attributes that are especially notable?: Does your character have wings? Webbed feet? Tell me here! Please not that this does not grant him any magical and/or supernatural abilities - he can fly if he takes on the form of a bird, or run fast if he takes the form of a cheetah, but if he turns into Harry Potter all that's going to happen with his wand is that he's going to look dumb.
Is it okay if he recognizes your character (2010 and previous canons released in America only): He may not even know your character, especially if you're from an anime or are aimed at a demographic he doesn't really appear as. Or, he might know your face/name but not anything about your story or history. Let me know!
Anything else?: Put anything else related to these that you think I should know here!

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Out Of Character Information
Name: Matt | [[personal profile] atrypical]
Age: 23
Time zone: - 4/5 GMT
Contact: AIM: demony0uko; [plurk.com profile] atrypical; E-MAIL: artemiswolfang at gmail
Anything we should know?: idk

In Character Information
Name: Taro Watanabe
Age: 139. Generally appears as a human male in his late teens/early twenties.
Birthday & Astrology Sign: (Roughly) May 29th; Gemini
Arcana: Sun

Life's too serious to be taken seriously. )


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Taro Watanabe

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